Beware the Batman Blu-Ray features unaired episodes


Credit: Cartoon Network

When Cartoon Network pulled Beware The Batman from its schedule, many Batman fans weren’t sure what would happen to the episodes yet to air. While the thought of losing future episodes was unsettling, so too was the idea that the already aired episodes would fall into the abyss and never be heard from again.

Never fear, DC Entertainment is here along with Warner Bros and they have great news. The studio announced this week that the first season of Beware the Batman is coming to Blu-Ray and the package will include unaired episodes.

Credit: DC

Per a statement released by Warner Bros.:

"“Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is delighted to begin this exhilarating animated Batman series with the release of Beware The Batman: Shadows of Gotham, Season 1 Part 1. Fans will be excited to see their favorite super hero up against a whole new set of villains from the DC Universe to continue the expansion of the Dark Knight franchise!”"

The series attracted a large amount of fans as it harkened back to the Batman the Animated Series days where ethe show balanced between being for kids as well as being for adult fans as well.