Gotham: Jada Pinkett Smith cast as The Penguin’s gangster crime boss


Credit: Warner Bros

After filling out almost all of the known roles in Gotham, the folks at FOX has gone off and pulled a fast one on all of us. On Wednesday the studio made it known through The Hollywood Reporter that Jada Pinkett Smith was joining the cast as a villain.

The Hollywood Reporter states that Smith has signed on in the role of The Penguin’s gangster crime boss, which right off the bat sounds absolutely awesome.

"Fox’s Batman prequel Gothamhas cast another of its big bads.Jada Pinkett Smith is returning to the small screen, booking a co-starring role in the show, The Hollywood Reporterhas learned."

Filming will begin in about a month, which means if The Penguin is going to have any kind of regular role on Gotham, than we can likely expect to see plenty of Pinkett Smith. Even if we don’t see a whole lot of The Penguin, given that the series is focused on Jim Gordon and the Gotham PD, we can probably expect some interaction with a gangster crime lord and the corrupt institution.

Smith joining the cast is the biggest addition yet, and it means that expectations for the show are on the rise and the fall premiere will be an event we look forward to all summer long.