Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer Premiere


If you’re like me and didn’t stay up last night to watch the premiere of the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer on Jimmy Kimmel Live, then you were watching it first thing this morning and trying not to make too many noises in your office.

If you did not have a chance to watch it yet (or you want to watch it again), check it out, then we’ll discuss:

Disclaimer: I know very little about the GOTG plotline. My expectations for this movie are incredibly low because what I do know about the plotline makes it sound absolutely bat-s#$t crazy.

From the trailer, that looks like a good change of pace for Marvel.

Broad Overview Opinion: The tone is completely off the cuff and irreverent. Compare it to any of the trailers for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and there is a drastic difference. Winter Soldier is keeping with the tone of the other blockbuster Marvel movies, giving it a bit of a dark edge. GOTG, however goes for the sheer silliness of everything.

We get to see Chris Pratt in his full buffed-out-ness, despite the fact that he’s playing a very Andy-like character (his Parks and Recreation character for those of you not watching that hilarity). I kind of love the homage to Raiders of the Lost Ark and how, when cornered, he just turns himself in. And, of course, hoping for a “Bond, James Bond” moment when asked who he is, he gets nothing because no one’s actually heard of Star Lord.

Introducing the whole GOTG crew like this, giving a quick background of who the heck they are and what they’ve done, is probably the easiest way to explain what this movie is going to be. Seriously, it’s a machine gun-wielding raccoon. It’s Peter Quill flipping off John C. Reilly’s character. It’s Groot looking strangely cute as he bends over to fit into the screen.

It’s everyone wondering what the heck is going to happen next.

What happens next? Peter Quill flipping out over a security guard listening to his headphones that leads into shot after shot after shot of sheer craziness. But most importantly, there’s a quick shot of The Collector, first glimpsed in the credits scene of Thor: The Dark World to set up for GOTG.

And it ends with the five main characters standing in the lineup, looking absolutely bored. Overall thought? It looks hilarious and might just be a great change of pace for Marvel as we head into the heart of their next Phase.

Guardians of the Galaxy is not taking itself seriously. That’s probably a good thing.