Michael B. Jordan met with Zack Snyder about Batman vs. Superman


With the rumor mill relatively quiet when it comes to Batman vs. Superman, fans have ben looking for any and all information they can get about the production of the film. While nothing new has come out, we did learn this week about some information from a while ago that is still intriguing, even if it’s now irrelevant news.

According to Latino-Review, Michael B. Jordan met with Zack Snyder about a possible role in Batman vs. Superman.

"At first I thought it was some little role but then I also found out that Zack Snyder has met with hot actor Michael B. Jordan for the role. Remember, Zack doesn’t just meet with anybody."

Of course, this is useless to any forward moving ideas for the film, as Jordan was just cast in Fantastic Four for Marvel and 20th Century Fox. Still, it’s interesting to hear that Snyder personally met with Jordan about a role in Batman vs. Superman and it’s going to likely be one of those cool ‘what-if’ trivia scenarios we ponder ten years down the line.

It’s unclear who Michael B. Jordan would have played in the film, but maybe it’s more interesting if we never find out.