Cataclysm Comes to an End


SPOILER ALERT — The Ultimate Comics Universe lies in shock at the conclusion of the events of Cataclysm: The Ultimates Last Stand #5. After almost seeing their entire world devoured by the world-eater Galactus (who was transported to the Ultimate universe from the original Marvel universe), the Ultimates and other heroes from the Ultimate universe finally discovered a way to stop him: send him to the Negative Zone! In the Negative Zone, there is no matter for Galactus to consume; therefore, in theory, Galactus will starve himself to death.

Previously, the new Ultimate Spider-Man (aka Miles Morales) and Ultimate Reed Richards (who is actually a villain in the Ultimate universe) teamed up to travel to the original Marvel Universe to find a way to defeat Galactus. Upon their return, they devised a plan with the Ultimates that unfortunately led to the apparent death of Captain America (whether Cap is actually dead or not is yet to be seen…we all know how Marvel like to have characters make surprise comebacks).

Kitty Pryde was the one person that the heroes determined could stand a chance against Galactus with her phasing capabilities, so they found a way to supersize her to a size comparable to that of Galactus. The giants went toe to toe in a brutal fist fight, but it was merely a distraction for Richards to position his last Negative Zone portal near Galactus to suck him in. Thor then made a surprise attack on the world eater from above, sacrificing himself in a last ditch effort to throw him into the portal. As a result, the heroes were forced to close the portal before Thor could get out, trapping him in the Negative Zone with Galactus.

What will this mean for the rest of the Ultimate universe? Who will lead the Ultimates and how will S.H.I.E.L.D. recover from the events of Cataclysm? Which new heroes will rise up to lead and protect humanity in the age after the events of Galactus’s attack? Will Thor ever be seen again? The questions are almost endless, and the answers are nowhere to be found. This will be a defining time for the Ultimate Marvel universe and most certainly everything will change for all characters, good and evil, after these events.