What to Expect in Superior Spider-Man 28


The “Goblin Nation” saga continues in Superior Spider-Man #28, but what should readers expect from the creative mind of writer Dan Slott?

Norman Osborn (aka the Green Goblin) has finally revealed himself to Spider-Man as the mastermind behind the organized crime in New York city. Osborn has also revealed to Spidey that he knows Otto Octavius’s conscience has been inhabiting Spider-Man’s mind for quite some time. This will surely change how Spider-Man tries to handle this very fragile situation from here on out.  Issue #27 ended with the Goblin launching a full scale assault on Spider Island, catching Spider-Man completely off guard, and the fact that Goblin Knight (aka Ben Urich) had been spying on the island means that the Goblin knows it inside and out. This could definitely spell trouble for the wall-crawler.

Despite the Goblin attacking on all fronts, there are other entities at work that many have forgotten about such as Mayor J. Jonah Jameson and recently established powerhouse corporation Alchemax. For those who do not know, Alchemax is a company composed of Liz Allen’s father’s company Allen Chemicals and her son’s holdings in Oscorp (Liz Allen was formerly with Harry Osborn but left him due to the drama and stress involved in his life with Spider-Man and Goblin business), which could mean that Norman Osborn may actually be playing a behind the scenes roll with the company. Jameson has recently expressed frustration in his dealings with Spider-Man and has declared he will take action against the wall-crawler (as seen previously in Superior Spider-Man #22), but it has not yet been disclosed what the mayor’s plans are yet. Could ol’ J.J.J. be in cahoots with Alchemax?  Maybe one or  both of these entities are playing a larger role in the attack on Spider Island.

The web-slinger will also have to deal with the Goblin underlings such as Menace, Goblin Knight, and the new addition to the Goblin’s army Monster (aka Carlie Cooper, Peter Parker’s police detective ex-girlfriend…can you say awkward?). Will these heavy-hitters be involved in the attack on Spider Island, or does the Goblin have other plans for his soldiers?

Superior Spider-Man #28 has been revealed to be an all-out intense battle between Spidey, his Spider Patrol, and the Goblin’s army. Readers will most likely witness the destruction of Spider Island in this issue with the way the writers are setting up the return of Peter Parker in the near future. The Goblin is methodical and very well calculated in his moves, so there may be more going on than is being revealed to readers. Don’t be afraid to look deeper while reading this issue because the Goblin is probably already two steps ahead of everyone, and that may even be including the writers!