Ultron Gives Life A Break, Becomes Newest Super Hero Squad Online Playable Character


Super Hero Squad Online has been getting villains as playable characters for a while now, but if there’s one bad guy who should probably never be seen fighting in defense of Super Hero City, it’s Ultron. We’re talking about a robot whose sole purpose is to eradicate all life. There’s nothing that would make him falter while pursuing that goal.

Although …

There was that one time Dr. Doom reprogrammed him to serve as a personal bodyguard in Secret Wars. Oh, and in the most recent relaunch of Avengers a few years ago, the heroes were able to persuade him that there was a threat to his future victory that made sense to help them stop.

You know what? Forget what I said. There may be a few times Ultron could be a force for fighting evil in Super Hero Squad Online — at least other forms of evil — so grab the Ultronic Mystery Box now and hope you can nab him for your squad. Enjoy the power of his Encephalo Rays and Double Trouble attacks, and buff friends with a Nanotech Boost. I’m sure you’ll never regret it.

While you’re hoping that creepy robot doesn’t turn on you, entering the code “FEB14XPBST” will reward you with a free XP boost potion. Don’t say that we never gave you anything, including advice on not trusting Ultron.