New Spider-Man title coming in May 2014 from Marvel Comics?


Credit: Marvel Comics

With a new film coming out in May of this year, so too could a new title from Marvel Comics. While not linked to the film’s release, there is a rumor floating around that a new Spider-Man comic is coming and fans are trying to figure out what it could be.

BleedingCool grabbed some cryptic messages from Midtown and Limited Edition Comix that seemed to suggest that a new Spider-Man title could be on the way very soon.

Per Limited Edition Comix:

"Details to follow as this is a TOP SECRET Spider-man book and the last of the J Scott Campbell connecting covers from MIDTOWN COMICS in the USA."

Now, it’s impossible to tell just what the title will be as it’s clearly a top secret project. BleedingCool suggests that it could be Spider-Man 2099 or an All-New Superior Spider-Man but our guess is as good as any. Either way, it appears that a new title is on the way and we couldn’t be more excited.

We should know more about the new title in the coming months before its supposed May release date.

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