Son of Batman Sneak Peak!


As some of you may know the Justice League: War DVD comes with a sneak peak at an upcoming animated film Son of Batman. Son of Batman will be the first film to feature Damian Wayne, son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al ghul who will be voiced by Morena Baccarin. Jason O’mara who voiced our beloved Bat in Justice League: War will once again bring life to the Dark Knight in Son of Batman. I’m interested to see this movie, which will be a bit of an amalgamation of the story from Batman and Son by Grant Morrison, and the new Batman and Robin that Pete Tomasi does for The New 52. Son of Batman Producer James Tucker says that

"Damian Wayne is a totally  fresh character who has a totally fresh perspective, he’s not automatically going to be a hero. He’s got an edge to him, he’s dangerous, and he’s a ten year old boy."

Son of Batman will also feature Deathstroke as the villian of the piece. In Son of Batman Deathstroke is Ra’s al ghul’s cast aside protege, jealous of Damian who will inherit the League of Assassins instead of Deathstroke.

Why I’m excited to see this movie is simple, for the first time on film we will get to see Batman and Bruce Wayne truly in the roll of a father. This side of Batman though rarely seen is probably my favorite side of my dark hero. There is nothing I like to see more than father son moments between Batman and one of his ‘kids’. I will keep you up to date on all Son of Batman related news so don’t forget to check back often with us here at Caped Crusades. Here is the trailer for Son of Batman!

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