Batman/Superman Designer Teases Wonder Woman Costume


The Oscar-nominated costume designer for American Hustle, Michael Wilkinson, recently let slip some tidbits about his work on Batman/Superman. He’s still tight-lipped about the much anticipated Batsuit, but he did dish about his efforts in constructing Wonder Woman.


The Wrap


"It’s a thrilling and slightly scary prospect of course. It’s so important to get her right. She really deserves to be presented on screen in her full glory, so what I do is look at the history of the character has been presented on the big screen, small screen, comic books, and graphic novels — we process it all. Then we kind of put that aside and work out what it right for our film, for the cinematic universe that our director Zack Snyder is putting together. We try to create a Wonder Woman relevant for today’s audiences.…I mean you just have to look at the gladiators from ancient Rome. They did their thing in a little loincloths, and a shield, and a helmet. It works for Thor, it works for 300, so let’s see what happens."

I’ve always wanted to see Wonder Woman on screen and I think he’s on the right track. Or, at least he’s saying the right things. Getting her right is important since there have been so many failures in getting her on the big screen in recent years. If this doesn’t wow people I have a feeling fans are reeeaaallly going to start questioning why the powers that be kicked Joss Whedon off of his Wonder Woman project several years ago.