Check out Spider-Man’s viral movie website ‘The Daily Bugle’


I’ve always been a fan of clever marketing campaigns that deviate from the norm of just throwing stuff in your face and Spider-Man has its own little piece of internet magic in the form of ‘The Daily Bugle’. Now whilst I’ve been critical of Sony’s marketing strategy thus far by suggesting that perhaps the trailers for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ have given too much away, and have made things rather obvious I must give them some credit here.

That’s because the Daily Bugle, a viral marketing tool for the next Spider-Man film has been slowly giving out cryptic clues for the last few months in a clever and well-run way. Where the trailers are obvious and over-exposing, the Daily Bugle is smart and interesting. It also adds a new fun-side to the films as you can see and read articles from journalists at the Daily Bugle writing about the events following the first film, you can even check out an editorial from Jonah Jameson himself!

The first faux article was published on July 18th and is entitled “What is next for the NYPD”. The article then goes on to show a pie chart indicated that 95% of people feel that the police can’t protect them from superhuman threats. This is a nice little follow-up after ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ when the Lizard rampaged exposing New York to superhuman danger. However hidden in the text seems to be a nice little hint for the upcoming film

"Detective Stan Carter, acting chief of the MCU, denied the report, stating, “All of our forces remain united and focused on the Russian mob activity in Brooklyn and the growing rumors of a ‘Big Man’ who is trying to consolidate organized crime in Manhattan. That’s the ball George would have wanted us to keep our eye on. All the other science fiction stuff can be left to the tabloids."

A Russian ‘Big Man’ in the mob, hmm who could that be referring to? Could it possibly be Paul Giamatti’s Aleksei Sytsevich who later goes on to become popular Spider-Man villain The Rhino? I’d put money on it! So, I really do recommend you check out ‘The Daily Bugle’ and see how many subtle hints for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ you can pick up!

I’ll be disseminating any clues I can get from it, so expect more from the Daily Bugle in the future!

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