Will Hush be the new Batman Game’s Villain?


Earlier in the week I reported a rumor that the next Batman title from Rocksteady would be revealed this week, and now IGN is reporting that Hush is the likely candidate for the rumored game’s main villain. On the Batman: Hush Facebook page, run by Warner Bros., a screenshot of Hush has recently been posted with the caption:

"“Remember a little appearance by somebody in Arkham City? Well things may be about to get more interesting next month…”"

This obviously lends credence to the rumors of a new Rocksteady Batman title, as Warner Bros. themselves, who publish the Batman: Arkham games is responsible for this tasty tidbit. I’m very excited to see if Hush will be the main antagonist in this next game. I have the entire run of the Hush storyline from the comics, in mint condition and absolutely loved the story. I want to see if the supposedly dead Joker will be making his return in this game, after all none of the characters in Batman or any DC Comics stays dead, except for parents of main characters. Earlier rumors suggested that the big reveal would be happening the week of March 3rd (this week) but the caption on the Hush screenshot hints at a slightly later reveal. Either way Caped Crusades is on the case and we will be here ready to report to you when the reveal happens. I’m keeping both eyes out this week in any case so check back here at Caped Crusades for all the latest reports of gossip and news!

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