Why The Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Already Has Me Pumped


It didn’t take long for the initial Batman: Arkham Knight trailer to set the hearts of gamers and Batman fans in general aflutter. If people weren’t excited by thte thought of another Rocksteady Arkham game on PS4 and Xbox One, they are now.

As our sister site Gamesided pointed out, some of it is a desire for the series to get back on track after the perception that it slipped a tad under the guidance of Warner Bros. Montreal on Batman: Arkham Origins. But a much bigger part is that the game just looks awesome, even though the trailer doesn’t show any actual gameplay.

It’s enough to make us think Rocksteady is on the right track for a return to form. Here are four things we were really digging:

  • The Batmobile

Said to be an important part of the new game, it would be a bummer if the look of the Batmobile let us down. It didn’t. It actually resembles the car from the first Tim Burton Batman flick, just updated for the 21st Century. Looks like driving around Gotham City is going to be fun.

  •  Those villains

An earlier leak provided the scoop on Scarecrow as the main villain. That works, as he had a memorable stage in the first Arkham video game, plus he became a much more high-profile figure after Batman Begins. He won’t be alone in menacing Batman this time around, as the trailer showed us Harley Quinn, Penguin and a fairly long look at Two-Face. Good stuff.

  • That message from Thomas Wayne

Having Bruce’s dad give his son instructions from beyond the grave was a powerful start. Bruce may have been motivated to become Batman by his parents’ death, but he got his sense of civic duty to Gotham’s less fortunate souls from them before they were gunned down. That speech also worked in some humor during the part about fancy cars, expensive clothes and a destructive lifestyle.

Again, this was just the first taste, but man was it good. Be sure to check out another one of our sister sites, Caped Crusades, as the Batman fanatics there are sure to have a lot more on Batman: Arkham Knight. Oh, and here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet!