Gotham Casts Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle


I was checking and it seems young Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle have been cast for Fox’s Gotham. Here’s what they had to say:

"13-year-old David Mazouz has been cast as the young Bruce Wayne in FOX’s upcoming TV show Gotham. Mazouz is best known for his role on FOX’s Touch, which he co-starred in with Kiefer Sutherland. Camren Bicondova will play a young Selina Kyle, who is described as a teenage orphan who is suspicious and wholly unpredictable; a street thief and skilled pickpocket, she’s dangerous when cornered."

Here’s their full article.

I gotta say I’m disappointed in their choice for Bruce Wayne. Maybe I’m being too harsh but seriously this kid looks nothing like Bruce Wayne as a child. David Mazouz, age 13, is a cute kid don’t get me wrong but he has curly brown hair and dark eyes. Bruce Wayne has straight black hair and blue eyes! This is worse than Brown haired brown eye’d Daniel Radcliffe being cast as Harry Potter, at least he looked like Harry. A young Bruce Wayne should look pretty much the same as Richard Grayson and Tim Drake, Mazouz looks like a young Kick Ass. Seriously he would look adorable as tiny Kick Ass. Hopefully he will surprise me with how well he can actually portray the role, cause right now I’m not seeing it.

Camren Bicondova as young Selina Kyle on the other hand looks perfect. She looks like a young Michele Pfeiffer! Catwoman has had different looks over the years so there isn’t just one correct look for her. But a little Michele Pfieffer is a good choice. I’m looking forward to seeing her in the role. I guess I’m just really really particular about Bruce, after all as far as I’m concerned we have yet to find the right adult actor to play Batman and Bruce.

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