Greg Land Designs Super Hero Mask For LeBron James After 61-Point Explosion


First LeBron James joked about talking to Marvel and DC about having a special mask designed to protect his face. Then he showed up with an awesome black carbon fiber mask for his first game back, one that the NBA promptly told him not to wear again.

Switching to a clear mask didn’t hurt King James, as he set a new career high with 61 points Monday night in a victory over the Charlotte Bobcats. Maybe it’s the man who makes the mask and not the other way around, eh?

In any case, Marvel reached out to LeBron via Twitter today, taking him up on his original conversation:

Nice work by Land, and a pretty sweet mask. I feel like we’ve seen something similar to that somewhere before, though …

Oh, and there’s no way the NBA would actually allow him to wear that, unless new-ish NBA commissioner Adam Silver is secretly a big Marvel Comics fan.