Batman Fanfiction of the Week


Welcome to another Batman Fanfiction of the Week. This week’s story is the second and final installment in the Lament for Oracle series on that started with last week’s story “Chiropteramania”. It’s titled “The Fall of Delphi” and it is a beautiful but tragic ending to the series. Before you read this story dear readers I feel I must warn you that it is incredibly sad. If you read last week’s fanfic you know what a great writer skylite of AO3 is. So when she writes something that is intended to be sad, know that you WILL be in tears reading most of this week’s story. I can’t give a preview for this story as it would likely give the whole plot away, and skylite never wrote a summary for the second half of her tragic series. The story can be found here.

“The Fall of Delphi” is a really great story and even though it is sad I hope you read it, just like I hope you read “Chiropteramania”. If you need a good cry these two stories are exactly what you need. skylite really captures Barbara Gordon’s personality in these two stories, and she has done a good job with the rest of the DC cast that appears in “The Fall of Delphi”.

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