It’s A Latverian Legal Smackdown In She-Hulk #3


Who does the son of Dr. Doom call when he wants extradition from Latveria? Why, none other than everyone’s favorite green super hero/lawyer, of course! She-Hulk #3 sees Jen Walters risk facing the wrath of Dr. Doom (not for the first time, granted, thanks to her stints on the Fantastic Four), and not just inside the courtroom. And what Marvel comic involving a legal battle would be truly complete without a guest appearance from the other attorney turned crime-fighter, Daredevil? We won’t have to find out, because he’s in this issue too.

Always a favorite when done right, the current volume of She-Hulk is off to a promising start under writer Charles Soule and artist Javier Pulido. Take a look at three sample pages below from issue #3 (click on them for bigger images), and look for it at your LCS or your digital method of choice on April 2.