Los Angeles Feels The Fires Of Vengeance In All-New Ghost Rider #2


Sometimes a character’s visual appeal is so strong that you know he or she won’t be gone for too long. That’s definitely the case with Ghost Rider, as Marvel never lets the Spirit of Vengeance wither away on the sidelines forever. You get as many chances as you want when you’ve got a flaming skull for a head and ride a motorcycle.

At least he used to ride a motorcycle. The latest person to take on the mantle, teenager Robbie Reyes, prefers a car instead. He’s got his hands full in All-New Ghost Rider #2, trying to get a handle on his awesome but daunting new powers, while simultaneously trying to rid the streets of East L.A. of the dangerous Pink Pills. There’s also a war brewing in the criminal underworld, and the new man wielding the hellfire is about to find himself right in the middle of it.

All-New Ghost Rider #2 comes to you from writer Felipe Smith and artist Tradd Moore, with variant covers by Smith and Pop Mhan. Enjoy the uniquely stylized art in the preview pages below (click for larger images) and look for the issue at your LCS or on digital on April 2.


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