Odin’s Bounty Weekend Going On Now In Marvel Heroes


Even though the daylight savings time change makes this weekend one hour shorter than usual, it’s still a good time to be playing Marvel Heroes. That’s because the Allfather himself, Odin, is granting bonuses and gifts through Monday, March 10 as part of the aptly named Odin’s Bounty Weekend.

It seems Odin wants certain boss enemies taken care of, so you can get bonus loot by defeating villains like Loki, Malekith, Dr. Doom and more on a rotation that changes every two hours all weekend long. Go see the full schedule right here.

Logging in each day gets you a chance at between five and 100 Odin Marks. And as a special gift, Odin presents … The Box.

(*switches to Brad Pitt from Se7ven voice*)

What’s in The Box?

(*switches back to normal voice *)

Well for 450 G, The Box contains one hero, and it can be any hero regardless of price, affiliation or standing. It also holds one Ultimate Token. If you don’t already have the hero, good news: you’ve got yourself a new hero and an Ultimate Token. If the hero is someone you already have, don’t fret, as you end up with two Ultimate Tokens for your trouble.

I’d say Odin is a pretty generous deity, even if folks on Earth don’t really worship him any more. Uh, don’t tell him I said that. Odin’s Bounty Weekend runs through Monday afternoon, so head over to MarvelHeroes.com and grab the free download or just get in the game and start enjoying Odin’s goodness.