1966 Batman Surf’s Up Action Figure for Sale!


Shopdcentertainment.com is selling a bizarre Batman action figure! This Surf’s Up Action Figure based on the Adam West’s 1966 Batman, is really silly looking. I kind of want it just because its so funny, it is thankfully more affordable than a lot of the figures we feature for merchandise of the day. Yes this goofy action figure can be yours for $29.95!

"Surf’s up! Based on a memorable scene from the classic 1966 Batman television series, this action figure depicts Adam West as Batman and captures the nostalgia of the show. From Mattel, Batman figure has been made in the actor’s likeness and features authentic detailing, a display base, and a surf board. This figure measures approximately 6 inches tall and has several points of articulation."

You can purchase the Surf’s Up figure here.

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