Batman Fanfic of the Week: ‘Hedging Your Bets’


Well dear readers I have another Batman Fanfic for your viewing pleasure. Today’s story is written by Mithen, the author of the story I featured a couple weeks ago ‘Gag Gift’. Today’s story ‘Hedging Your Bets’ is an animal transformation story in which the Justice League has a run in with Circe and are turned into animals that reflect their personality. Mithen is a member of and you can see more of her work here. Below is the summary of ‘Hedging Your Bets’.

"After a run-in with Circe, Superman and Cyborg find themselves in charge of a menagerie."

The summary is short but the story is awesome! Read this cute and funny story here. I love Mithen’s work, her stories are always great, she is very talented and as I have said before she is very good at keeping the Batman and company in character.

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