Fantastic Four’s Original Sin Revealed


With Original Sin looming, Marvel is beginning to spill the beans on the dark secrets that lie behind the series of teasers we’ve been seeing over the past few weeks. Today’s revelation has to do with the Fantastic Four and exactly why a teary-eyed Thing looks like he just pummeled the Human Torch bloody.

The reason is that he may do exactly that once he learns that Johnny Storm is partially responsible for him being trapped in his rocky form. In Fantastic Four #6, on sale in June, we’ll find out more about the fateful day when Reed Richards believed he had come up with a cure for Ben Grimm — until the machine needed for the procedure was accidentally wrecked by the Torch. Until now, Grimm never knew about the incident, but in Original Sin, all of the skeletons in the closets of the Marvel heroes are going to be exposed.

“Something I always loved about the relationship between Ben and Johnny was how much it was like brothers, bickering, poking fun of each other, pranks … great moments that felt like real family,” editor Mark Paniccia said in a press release. “The secret that gets out will have a major effect on the two. It’s brilliant emotional stuff. Hard hitting and heart breaking.”

This is just a taste of the trouble that’s going to occur once Uatu the Watcher turns up dead and his eyes that hold the secrets of the Marvel universe go missing. Stay tuned for more on what’s going to come to light, and don’t miss Original Sin when it kicks off in earnest next month.