Sinister Six to all appear together in Amazing Spider-Man 2?


Sinister Six

We’ve heard news that the Amazing Spider-Man 2 will set-up the Sinister Six. From that news I assumed that we’d get some Sinister Six Easter eggs at the end of the film similar to the Marvel end-credit teases of Thanos and that would be it. However the latest comments from Amazing Spider-Man 2 compose Hans Zimmer have led me to be believe we’ll be getting so much more.

The iconic film composer recently said in an interview with Associated Press (via the Huffington Post) “I suppose I don’t think it’s a secret anymore but suddenly the Sinister Six were sort of introduced into the movie because we had a theme for them and it became irresistible to go and shoot these scenes,”

So essentially the Sinister Six weren’t going to be in the movie but Zimmer composed a score for them and Webb found it hard to resist filming the scenes to accompany the score. But this could be a strong hint that instead of just having the Super-villain equivalent of the Avengers teased we might actually see all six villains in the same place come the end of the movie, or at least that’s what appears to be suggested.

This would be a fantastic thing if it were true!

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