Wizard World St. Louis 2014 Harley Quinn Cosplay


A little while ago I posted photos of kids in Batman cosplay at Wizard World St. Louis 2014.  In this article I present Harley Quinn Cosplay! There were dozens of Harley Quinns running around the comic con this year, I only caught nearly 20 of them and I hope that is enough for fans. Harley Quinn is one of my favorite Batman characters and I am excited to bring these photos with my readers. Everyone in the photos gave verbal consent to be on Caped Crusades and all photos were taken by myself. The Harley in photo one requested that I include her name and link to her Facebook. I am happy to present Kali Johnston as Harley Quinn, check her out on Facebook! Take a look at sexy Harley Quinn cosplay, one of a kind Harley cosplay, classic and even cute little Harley Quinns. Which will you pick as your favorite? I am partial to Kali Johnston who gave me a kiss on the cheek after I took her photo, and the two littlest Harleys. Also the Harley and Ivy in photo #2 are the same two girls in photo #11, as one of a kind Batman villains/ Alice in Wonderland characters.

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