Batgirl Cosplay at Wizard World St. Louis 2014


Welcome to another edition of Batman cosplay from Wizard World 2014! This selection will include all of the Batgirl cosplay I saw this past weekend. I had intended to have all the cosplay photos posted by the end of the day Monday, but I really hadn’t realized A) just how many photos I had actually taken, and B) just how tired I was after running around the convention all weekend. As I said previously in my editorial Batgirl is one of my favorite Batman characters, and she is pretty much the best female superhero, someone I occasionally daydreamed of being. We have classic Batgirl, fun Batgirl, and little bitty Batgirl too. My personal favorite has to be the baby Batgirl in purple, photo #5, the middle photo in the second row. As always every adult in the photos gave consent to have their photo here on the website and the parents of all the little girls also gave consent.

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