Will Arnett Talks Batman in Lego Movie 2


In case you didn’t know, it was the prolific Kevin Conroy playing the voice of Batman in The Lego Movie, it was Arrested Development star Will Arnett. Recently IGN.com sat down with the famed comedian about playing Batman in an almost certain sequel. 

From IGN:

"It’s such a great team overall. Obviously those are brilliant guys and I just love them to death, so I have the utmost confidence.What was fun about the first film was playing with the idea of Batman being Batman,” Arnett reflected. “Now we can start to get down to what sort of makes him tick. And I like to see a little lighter side of Batman too, see him having fun."

It’s funny, but I have a sneaking suspicion that we’ll see a more true-to-character version of Batman in Lego form than in the upcoming Batman Vs Superman. But then Batman: The Animated Series was a far better incarnation of the Caped Crusader than the Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher series of films.

There has been no date set for Lego Movie 2, but it seems like it’s inevitable.