Wizard World St. Louis 2014 Batman Villain Cosplay


I’m finally finishing up posting the Wizard World cosplay photos, just one last article after this and all the photos will be up on Caped Crusades. Today I am including all the Batman villain cosplay I found at the convention. Yes some of these photos were in other articles but I thought it would be fair to include them in this post as well. Photo #8, the original 1940s Catwoman is my cousin Bethany Todd. There were some really awesome Batman villain cosplayers at Wizard World but my favorite (other than my cousin) are the gentlemen in photo #6 and the ladies in photo #26 (who are the same girls in different costumes as in photo #32). This is because these were the only people who interacted with me as if they were the villain they were dressed as. Joker in #6 asked me if he had ever told me how he got his scars and Bane next to him put his hand on my shoulder and started reciting one of Bane’s speeches from The Dark Knight Rises. Harley Quinn in #26 spoke in the typical nasal New York accent as she reminded me that I had taken her photo the day before in her Mad Hatter Harley outfit. That particular Joker was also the best Heath Ledger Joker I saw all weekend.

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