Last Wizard World St. Louis Cosplay Photos


Finally, this is the last of the cosplay photos I took at Wizard World St. Louis 2014! Once again every person featured in these photos have given their consent for the photos to be on Caped Crusades. All the photos are of cosplay of Batman and his allies. A couple people wanted me to credit them for their photos. The Earth 2 Robin in photo #8 who lives in the St. Louis area and actually dresses up as Superman at Bush Stadium for the Cardinals when they have Superman days at the stadium. The Batman in photo #10 asked me to refer to him as Rockabilly Batman. Photo #13 is of Tim Camene, whose Facebook page can be found by clicking the link attached to his name.

The girl dressed as Zatana in photo #9 is probably my favorite out of this bunch. She used fishing line to fasten playing cards to her gloves so that she could make it look like she was shuffling the deck with magic. I thought the Question did a really good job with his costume, and I was very excited to see the Earth 2 Robin, as it is rare to see cosplay of that character.

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