Caped Crusades One on One with Greg Capullo


As I mentioned in my previous interview articles I was fortunate enough at Wizard World St. Louis last week to get one on one interviews with a number of important people in the Batman community. One of those people was Batman comic artist Greg Capullo. My first impression of Greg Capullo was of a very cool guy who didn’t seem like much of a nerd at all. However, as soon as he started talking about Batman merchandise in the panel on Batman’s 75th anniversary that he was a part of, he completely geeked out. I want to go ahead and thank him now for taking time out of his busy convention schedule for this interview.

photo courtesy of wikipedia

My interview with Greg ended up being a lot shorter than planned, I had written up questions to ask him and then lost the questions just before the interview and had to do my best to remember them. I sadly did not remember them all so the interview is short.

Can you tell us a little about Batman: Zero Year?

Well its a big sprawling story, you get to see various slices of Gotham City so we’ve had a major blackout the Riddler’s behind all this. Right now we are heading into the green chapter, the post-apocalyptic Gotham City which when you see this it’ll be like no Gotham you’ve ever seen its kinda like ‘I am Legend’ Gotham City. So that’s what we’re doing right now, which is really intimidating taking over the origin story but Scott’s come up with an original idea, so we hope you’ll love it!

What’s it like working with Scott Snyder?

Yeah Scott and I are good buds, he’s not actually the easiest writer to ever work for mainly because I’ve never worked with anybody whose given me all the dialog and Scott can really be wordy and I have a real struggle trying to organize the page and provide enough room for the words and put some art on the page. So sometimes its pretty challenging working with Scott, but fans are liking what we’re doing and so I might have to work a little bit harder to get it all done but I love him like a brother.

Are you reading any Batman comics at the moment and what’s your favorite?

I put in so many hours drawing the Batman comics that unfortunately I don’t have time to read any other comic books. Which is the good thing about Scott giving me all the dialog cause at least I know what’s being said in my comic book. So I’m too busy working all the time sadly to look at other comic books.

If I ever get the chance to interview Greg Capullo again I will try not to loose my questions for him so I can ask him more than three questions.

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