Batman Trivia: The Ventriloquist and Scarface


Yesterday in Batman Trivia #32 I asked when Arnold Wesker, the first Ventriloquist appeared in comics, Detective Comics #583 February 1988. I also asked when Peyton Riley, the second Ventriloquist appeared in comics, Detective Comics #827 March 2007. Lastly I asked who voiced the Ventriloquist in Batman TAS; George Dzundza voiced both Arnold Wesker and Scarface in the seven episodes they were featured in.

The Ventriloquist himself never makes an appearance in Batman: Arkham Asylum, but while under the influence of the Scarecrow’s fear toxin we do see Scarface on the CCTV screens that normally play Warden Sharp’s message to his patients. Who voiced Scarface in Arkham Asylum?

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