Cold, Cold Heart Game Play Revealed on Youtube


Warning: Spoiler Alert for DLC Cold, Cold Heart!

As I’m sure you know Batman: Arkham Origins DLC Cold, Cold Heart is supposed to come out a week from tomorrow on April 22nd. Videos of the game-play can now be found on From my perspective it appears that someone who was entrusted with a code to download the game early ( most likely to review the game) has recorded their play-through of the game, and leaked the whole thing. I don’t know how DC and Warner Bros. Montreal are going to feel about this, on the one hand seeing the videos may generate some interest in the DLC, on the other hand the person who revealed this may, I stress may because I don’t know for sure, have broken an non-disclosure agreement by posting these videos. I have not watched these videos, because I don’t want the spoilers myself. If you do want to see them you can watch them below. You can also wait and I will be reviewing Cold, Cold Heart as soon as I have played it.

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