USA Today broke the story of Dick Grayson's post Forever Evil future in DC Comic..."/> USA Today broke the story of Dick Grayson's post Forever Evil future in DC Comic..."/>

Robin Steps Out of the Shadows with “Grayson”


Last night USA Today broke the story of Dick Grayson’s post Forever Evil future in DC Comics with the announcement of the new ongoing series Grayson. No longer in the Shadow of the Bat, the former Boy Wonder strikes out on his own as a member of the Grant Morrison created espionage organization Spyral. 

From USA Today:

"Batman’s former sidekick embarks on a new life as an undercover superspy in the comic book Grayson, an action-adventure series premiering July 2 from DC Comics. It’s written by Tim Seeley (Revival) and Tom King, a former CIA counterterrorism operations officer.The current Nightwing series ends with Issue 30, due May 28. In the current Forever Evil event series, Dick Grayson has been outed in a villain-infested landscape as Nightwing and captured by the Crime Syndicate of Earth 3. (He’s also seemingly murdered, but it doesn’t take.)Batman, though, wants him to transition to a different heroic life for the greater good — it’s “a hard sell,” Seeley says — and tells him why he needs his former partner to stay dead, not only to the world at large but to Batgirl, Alfred Pennyworth and the rest of the “Bat-family.”"

I personally think this could be a great next-step for Dick. The Bat-Family is getting pretty crowded and Grayson has always been one of the great, constantly evolving legacy DC characters, (something that Marvel is better known for). Nightwing was a great step forward, as was his brief stint as Batman himself, but if you are going to keep a character growing, change has to happen.

Granted, this could end up like Diana Prince’s run as a spy post Infinite Crisis and fizzle out, but who knows? Right now the sky’s the limit for Dick Grayson.