Finally--finally--we get a solid look at what this X-Men: ..."/> Finally--finally--we get a solid look at what this X-Men: ..."/>

The Final “X-Men: Days Of Future Past” Trailer Has Arrived


Finally–finally–we get a solid look at what this X-Men: Days Of Future Past movie is going to be. Expectations have been all over the map, especially since time and time again, the teaser trailers, clips, and other various videos on the internet keep trying to cram too much into two minutes.

Still, it’s one of those movies that will probably end up being hit or miss with critics but absolutely loved by comic book fans (or at least better than whatever X3 was, even though it doesn’t exist in my mind).

Check it out below:


Surprisingly, we actually get an explanation of what the heck is going on, which is probably good for the more casual fans of the X-Men series. Time travel is a tough subject, and mashing together two casts of two separate movies from the same franchise is already going to have people trying to keep things straight.

  • We get a fun look at the School For Gifted Youngsters in the future, run down and abandoned with a fun voice-over by Wolverine, talking to Young Charles in the Seventies, who doesn’t believe him about all this time-travel crap.
  • Wolverine explaining the sentinels’ creation and how they turned on everyone, not just mutants,  feeds into that whole dystopian setting that’s so popular now. Plus, seeing a sentinel just start shooting at an innocent crowd at (what appears to be) its unveiling makes me laugh. …It probably shouldn’t
  • “Tell whoever it was that sent you that I’m… busy.” “The person who sent me… was you.” Goosebumps. Especially when it fades into Young and Old Charles meeting face-to-face.
  • Any form of “Kashmir” in any trailer is going to get me to enjoy it.
  • You would think I would be sick of hearing Old Magneto saying, “It’s going to take all of us to end this war.” And yet…the glimpses at the “new” mutants in this movie make it okay.
  • I know a fair amount of people are sick of how much focus there is on Wolverine in these movies, but Hugh Jackman still crushes it. Showing up on Hank McCoy’s doorstep and asking if he’s Beast, followed by a quip of, “You’re pretty strong for a scrawny kid,” makes me crack up. Oh, and then following it up with Wolverine saying they’re going to be good friends and punching Beast in the face. Of course.
  • “You’re a cold-hearted bi–” RE: Mystique. Everyone is very hit or miss with Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique. I can’t imagine she won’t be able to pull it off.
  • Magneto’s being held hundreds of feet below the Pentagon? Okay, no problem. We’ll get Quicksilver.
  • Quicksilver looks pretty good in action, despite the pictures of his hair that everyone has been laughing at. Definitely a very different take on the mutant than Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s version in Age of Ultron.  But I’m not digging his goggles.
  • There’s a lot of face punching in this trailer: Young Charles punching Young Magneto when he’s broken out of jail.
  • Not to mention lots of good one-liners. Magneto after being punched: “Good to see you, too, old friend.”
  • Can someone explain to me why Charles is walking? Have I missed that explanation?
  • Am I the only one that’s a fan of the first generation sentinels Bolivar Trask reveals? I think it’s the purple and the fact that they still kind of look like the cheesy ones from the Nineties cartoon.
  • “Everything that happens now is in your hands.” Flashes of all the mutants. I’m pretty stoked about how awesome Bishop looks.
  • Bone claws! Storm channeling lightning! Ice Man being Silver Surfer! (I’ll always say that haha) Havoc! First gen sentinels with a showdown against Wolverine!
  • “In the future…do I make it?” asks young Beast. A pause. “No,” says Wolverine. Way to instill confidence, Logan.

Unlike past trailers that seem a little too busy, this trailer makes the movie look good. Still with the potential to be a hot mess, but with surprises along the way. Not to mention badass moments, like Magneto ripping out a football arena and replanting it in the middle of a street to block cops.

All we need to ask ourselves is: Is it May 23rd yet?