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‘Son of Batman’ New Images and ‘Shrubbery’ Clip

facebooktwitterreddit is reporting three new images from ‘Son of Batman’ that Warner Bros. has released along with a new clip from the animated film. This film is going to be the first time we will see Damian in action outside of comic pages.

"Warner Bros. released a brand new clip and images today from their upcoming animated movie Son of Batman. The video features Damian, the son of Batman, training in the backyard of Wayne Manor, with Bruce Wayne and Alfred watching from inside."

Son of Batman – “Shrubbery” clip |


You can read the full article here. I know I’ve said it before but I am very excited for ‘Son of Batman’, this film looks to be awesome! It also looks to have a decent amount of humor in it as well, which I love in any Batman film. I’m a big fan of Damian Wayne and it will be nice to see him in his first film.

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