Batman Fanart of the Week: Minimalist Poison Ivy


Welcome to another Batman Fanart of the week! Today I bring you a beautiful minimalist version of Poison Ivy, done by a friend of mine on Facebook, Michelle Benz! I met Michelle at Wizard World St. Louis, I took a photo of her and her boyfriend, they were dressed as Joker and Harley Quinn, you can see their photo in the Harley Quinn cosplay article. It turned out she went to college with an old friend of mine, someone I’ve known since sixth grade, and she suggested I friend Michelle, so I did! Now Michelle has given me permission to feature both her art and her Batman merchandise on Caped Crusades!

I love Michelle’s art style, she exemplifies the idea that less is more. When I look at this minimalist Poison Ivy I imagine I can see every line and curve of the body that she left white. Check out Michelle’s Facebook Page Batspats Art and Design for more of her art and her merchandise! Here is Michelle’s etsy shop, and her Society6 shop.

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