Scott Snyder Stands Up for Colorists on Twitter


Even more than inkers, colorists have oft been overlooked by the public. Very rarely do you hear of fanboys jumping up and
down because they saw Javier Rodriguez in the hallways at Comic-Con. Batman scribe Scott Snyder is one of the growing number of creators who think that should change, and he went on Twitter today to voice it.

"@garvie @fcoo is a genius. It really does hurt not to see his name on the covers— Scott Snyder (@Ssnyder1835) April 18, 2014"

I, for one, completely agree with Scott on this. Long gone are the days of four-color printing. Today’s comics are more intricately detailed and color is a point of heavy emphasis. For more on that particular topic, check out this article from Comic Book Resources about the best colorists of 2013.