Amazing Spider-Man 2 game cancelled for Xbox One?


Amazing Spider-Man 2 game not being released on Xbox One?

I was very excited to be getting the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game and was originally going to get it on my PS3. However I have since acquired an Xbox One. Obviously I didn’t buy the Xbox One for the sole purpose of playing the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game but I was planning on getting the game on that platform in the future.

So imagine my surprise when I just find out that apparently the game isn’t going to be released on the Xbox One? I literally just wrote an article about the Electro-Proof suit being the Playstation order bonus and said in it ‘no news yet for Xbox owners’. I meant there wasn’t any news about a platform-exclusive suit bonus not that the game wouldn’t be available at all!

Activision have seemingly pulled the Xbox One platform from their website. The game was not only removed from the official website but it was unceremoniously removed from this photograph like an exiled family member. Poor Xbox One, although it’s older, less good cousin Xbox 360 is still there so it can’t be a licensing issue!

Amazing Spider-Man 2 no longer being released on Xbox One?

Activision has issued the following statement on the matter: ‘We are working with Microsoft in an effort to release The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game on Xbox One. Currently, the game will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and the PC on 2nd May, 2014 as previously announced.’

Whilst the news that everyone is still hopeful that we’ll be getting the game on the Xbox One is good news as you can see there’s currently no explanation as to why the game has currently been pulled from the platform, whether it be business or technical issues. Although it doesn’t really matter either way I’m still totally bummed!

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