Electro-proof suit is Amazing Spider-Man 2 Playstation bonus


Amazing Spider-Man 2 Electro-Proof suit

We’ve already seen that the pre-order bonus for Beenox’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 game is the Web Threads pack which treats eager Spider-Man gamers to four Spidey suits, the Black suit, the Cosmic suit, the Iron suit and the Noir suit. However the latest console exclusive bonus is none other than the Electro-proof Spider-suit.

So, the Electro-Proof suit is available if you purchase you purchase the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game for the PS3 or PS4 from the Playstation store. No news as of yet if this works in conjunction with the Web Threads pack. Also, if you’re an Xbox user then there’s also no news for you either!

Still, with Electro being a major thorn in Spider-Man’s side in the film, and the game storyline running aside that of the film I’m sure many people will appreciate the extra help a shock-proof suit will bring!

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