What Is Daredevil’s Original Sin?


The theme of Original Sin is dark secrets coming to light, and it appears the Man Without Fear will not be immune to that. Especially since, as the tag line has been reminding us, “Everybody Has One.”

The cool part of Marvel’s teasers for the event is that they have two things going on. There’s the visual component, where you try to decipher what the images mean, and there are bible verses. In the case of Matt Murdock, the verse is Isaiah 49:15: “Can a woman have no compassion on the son of her womb?”

The story is that Matt’s mom left him and his father when he was a baby, and that he found out later she was living as a nun. That suggests that the baby in red is little Matt being held by his mom, and that fits with the verse. But what’s the secret? Are we going to find out that there’s more to Murdock’s childhood than what we’ve been told?

If so, that would put this teaser in the same category as the one we saw earlier for Deadpool, which strongly hinted that his secret would concern his formative years. And that’s one of the aspects of Original Sin that seems very promising: the chance to delve into heretofore unknown parts of famous characters’ histories in an organic way (or at the very least, made possible by a logical plot device).

We’ll find out the truth about the Daredevil teaser in July.