Some Favorite Batman Easter Eggs


In honor of Easter, for the pure fanboy joy of it, I bring you some classic Batman Easter eggs from various films (and a cartoon or two)!

From Man of Steel:

"Wayne Enterprises satellite."

"Keep calm and call Batman poster. This one pales in comparison to the Superman Returns Easter egg in which a framed newspaper at the Daily Planet read”Bat Creature Seen over Gotham”.Here’s a great prediction from I am Legend. If they had only known…"

"In the same vein, a movie marquee from an alternate universe in Fringe. They’re already on “2”!"

"My personal favorite is one I picked out myself as a young lad watching Batman: The Animated Series. It’s not about Batman, but it’s obscure and in Batman. In the episodes “Heart of Steel, parts 1&2”, the license plate of the car that character Randa Duane is driving reads ‘R.U.R’. This is a reference to the classic sci-fi short story ‘Rossum’s Universal Robots’ which may be the first appearance of the word ‘robot’. Now that’s an Easter egg."

Happy Easter, Bat-fans!