Marc Webb discusses Amazing Spider-Man 2’s ending


Gwen Stacy

So, there are massive spoilers ahead. Literally if you haven’t seen the film, do not carry on reading. I’d hate it for Amazing Spider-Man 2 to be ruined because you clicked on a link to see what director Marc Webb had to say about the ending to his film and then stumbled upon director Marc Webb ruining the ending of his film. So if you’re still reading this really is your last chance to stop!

So, I’ve seen the Amazing Spider-Man 2 and the ending was arguably the strongest moment in the film and perhaps the biggest moment in the Marvel cinematic universe in terms of the impact it will have going forward. Still, there are loads of people, me included, who predicted that this moment would happen but there’s a big difference between knowing something will happen and actually experiencing it on the big-screen!

Of course I’m talking about the death of Gwen Stacy, Emma Stone’s brilliant love interest for Spider-Man, did indeed snuff it in the second of Marc Webb’s films and it was an emotional resonating moment. Speaking to Digital Spy Webb said “”It was something that as a fan of the comic books had such a profound effect on the culture and me, even though I experienced it many years later.”

He goes on to say “”I think it’s important to understand that there’s consequence in this universe and that not everything always turns out well. Storytelling is there because it helps you deal with and conceive of things that are tragic in your own life, and that’s something we wanted to acknowledge.”

Webb then referenced the idea of time that was prevalent throughout the movie, the first shot is of a clock and the climactic sequence at the end which features the death of Gwen took place in a Clock Tower of all places. He adds the “idea that even a superhero can’t stop time and that there’s certain inevitable qualities to being a heroic character.”

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