New Fantastic Four’s tone to be between Chronicle & Spider-Man


Spider-Man with the Fantastic Four

So I’ve seen the Amazing Spider-Man 2, there’ll be reviews and such up in due course. However I can reveal now that the film was a mixture of comedy, emotions and actions which you’d have to expect with a film involving Spider-Man. However I’d say that tonally it was lighter than Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, and even lighter than the first Amazing Spider-Man film

However the X-Men: Days of Future Past writer Simon Kinberg has said that tonally the new Fantastic Four script that he’s working on will fall somewhere in between Chronicle and Spider-Man (both of which starred Dane DeHaan). But the Chronicle influence will be a bit heavier than that as Chronicle director Josh Trank is set to direct the movie.

Speaking to Crave Online, Kinberg said: “It’s a much more grounded, gritty, realistic movie than the last couple movies. If I had to say, the tone of it would be somewhere on the spectrum between ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Chronicle’. The other movies were even further on the spectrum of being goofy and fun than ‘Spider-Man’.”

Of course it should be noted that here Kinberg isn’t referring to the Amazing Spider-Man films directed by Marc Webb, but instead he’s talking about Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy that were definitely and noticeably darker than their Amazing Spider-Man counterparts, with a few bizarre moments thrown in.

“Raimi ‘Spider-Man’, yeah, not ‘Amazing Spider-Man’. says Trank before adding “”It’s still in the direction of ‘Spider-Man’. It’s not like ‘Dark Knight’. And even ‘Chronicle’ has a lot of fun in it. We’re treating this as the origin of the Fantastic Four so in future movies you’d have them on sort of splashier adventures to some extent but in this one we tried to ground the science as much as possible and make it feel like it could take place in our world before it cantilevers into other worlds.”

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