Sinister Six to be directed by Marc Webb or Drew Goddard?


Sinister Six to be directed by Drew Goddard?

Those that have seen the Amazing Spider-Man 2 will now be excited for the Sinister Six as it seems to be on its way sooner rather than later. After all the film finished with a rather obvious nod to the collection of bad guys, with Paul Giamatti’s Rhino being touted as ‘the first’.

Now, it seems reasonable to believe that Rhino will be one of the six, alongside newcomers Vulture and Doctor Octopus due to their equipment being teased. I’d also expect Electro and Green Goblin to return and then the last villain would either be Lizard, or a completely new villain like Mysterio, Shocker or Chameleon.

So yeah, the actual team that’ll make up the Sinister Six still remains somewhat of a mystery but there is one thing we can be more sure of, and that’s who will be directing the villain-centric Spider-Man film. However this is still a bit up in the air as well as the end events in Amazing Spider-Man 2 are leading people to believe that the Amazing Spider-Man 3 is actually the Sinister Six film.

Now, Marc Webb has announced that the Amazing Spider-Man 3 will be his last film behind the reigns of the Spider-Man franchise, which means that if the next Spider-Man film is actually a Sinister Six film that he will be the first director of the Sinister Six on screen.

However I don’t personally think that the Amazing Spider-Man 3 will be the Sinister Six. I think that the film will introduce one or two of the other villains that will make up the team (so Vulture, Doctor Octopus and the final member) or we’ll see more of Norman Osborne’s Green Goblin played by Chris Cooper.

Which means that there will be a separate Sinister Six film! And if there is its director looks set to be the man who brought us ‘The Cabin In The Woods’ Drew Goddard. Goddard is already a writer for the expanded filmic Spider-Man universe and is set to write and direct the new Daredevil reboot so he’s a pretty decent Marvel buff just like Webb was.

So, the Amazing Spider-Man 3 is due in 2016 which means that we’ll get to see the Sinister Six in action sometime after that! Personally I can’t wait to see six of Spidey’s villains in the same place and I have my fingers crossed that the franchise will make it that far, even though early box office numbers for Amazing Spider-Man 2 suggest that Spider-Man has a ton of mileage yet!

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