Aleksei Sytsevich’s pants show Rhino easter-egg in the Amazing Spider-Man 2



The opening sequence of Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a comical yet breath-taking car chase that sees at least 40 New York police cars get destroyed by a marauding Aleksei Sytsevich played with a campy abandon by Paul Giamatti who got the part because he’s always wanted to play the Rhino.

The scene comically ends with Aleksei swearing revenge on Spider-Man whilst Spidey hilariously pulls his trousers down and reveals Aleksei’s cartoonish boxer shorts.  We don’t see Aleksei again until the end of the film when Harry Osborn and the newly revealed ‘Man in the Shadows’ Gustav Fiers start putting together what appears to be the Sinister Six.

This time Aleksei is in full ‘Rhino’ mode and is destroying New York in a fully weaponized mechanised Rhino shaped suit. Whilst this transformation wasn’t a surprise to anyone as we all knew that Rhino would be in the movie beforehand thanks to Sony’s slurry of marketing material many people wouldn’t have noticed that Aleksei’s super-villain persona was hinted at early in the film.

In fact it was hinted at during that scene where Aleksei is left stranded in his boxer shorts. If you look closely the cartoonish patterns on his shorts are actually rhinos, showing that the Russian mobster has an affinity for the horned animal and was always going to end up adopting the persona of Rhino.

Aleksei’s boxer shorts with rhinos on.

Of course the Amazing Spider-Man 2 is full of lots of other hints and easter eggs but this is one that I feel many might have missed as it was one of the blink-and-you-might-miss-it moments. I’ll be bringing your more of the easter eggs that I saw in the film in the coming few days so hopefully I’ll cover them all!

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