Amazing Spider-Man 2 has an X-Men end credits scene


Mystique kicking butt in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 X-Men end credit scene

I recently watched Amazing Spider-Man 2 and I thoroughly enjoyed the film. I then convinced my friend to sit through all of the credits because I knew there would be an end credit scene. It’s something that had been discussed a lot beforehand and leaked footage or pictures from the end credit scene even made their rounds on the internet.

However halfway through the end credits the screen went weird and then a scene started and I was confused because the scene of soldiers that I was seeing didn’t make any sense compared to the rest of the Spider-Man film. It certainly wasn’t a scene of the ‘Man in Shadows’ walking up to Norman Osborn’s head in a box.

However my confusion then turned to amazement when I saw Jennifer Lawrence, as it usually does, I then swiftly worked out that this was an ‘X-Men Days of Future Past’ plug and showed us Mystique and a whole bunch of other mutants including a new-look ‘Toad’.

I mean sure, it was totally cool. I’m always happy when I see Jennifer Lawrence on-screen and I’m even more happy when it’s a cool scene featuring mutants kicking ass. I was totally going to watch ‘X-Men Days of Future Past’ anyway but this plug did get me even more excited for the film.

But, and there’s a fairly big but. I had just paid to watch Spider-Man, I wanted a Spider-Man end-credit scene. I thought there would be a Spider-Man end credit scene. I even sat there after the ‘X-Men’ plug expecting a further end-credit scene about Spider-Man and it didn’t come.  Personally if someone has paid to see a film, giving them an advert to another different film they may have no interest in at the end is a bad move.

Maybe I’m just bitter because I looked silly in front of my friend.

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