Beware the Batman Back on the Air…at 3 a.m.


When Cartoon Network previously left Beware the Batman off it’s schedule, many assumed it was killing off the show. Soon after, it was announced that the animated series would return on the network’s niche catoon block Toonami for at least its 15 unaired episodes. This made it seem as though the rumors were wrong and Beware might be back to stay.

Credit: DC

Now, however, it appears as though the former is still true. Cartoon Network has slotted the series for Toonami’s last hour – 3 a.m. Having a time slot like that screams “honoring our obligations, but just getting it over with”. If I had to venture a guess, I’d say that the powers that be wanted to can the show, but felt it good publicity to milk the Batman 75 hype and show the rest of the series they had ordered. Obviously not good enough to take up valuable time slots.

It’s not dead yet, but I’d be surprised to see Beware the Batman fighting crime for a second season.