Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review – “The Only Light In The Darkness”


With so many continuous weeks of plot development, high-paced action, and crazy reveals, we were bound to have a bit of a slower episode for S.H.I.E.L.D.. This week’s episode definitely fits the bill.

Not-So-Short Summary: Coulson is ready to go track down the escapees from the Fridge, firstly Marcus Daniels, whom he captured initially (you may know him as Blackout in the comics). He’s one of the more dangerous evil-doers who can absorb the energy around him and control Darkforce. Before, he had a serious obsession with Audrey Nathan, also known as the Cellist from Portland, also known as Coulson’s old girlfriend who believes he’s been dead since the Battle of New York.

In order to leave the premises, however, they have to take a lie detector test with a lie detector Fury designed with the idea in mind that Natasha Romanoff herself wouldn’t be able to pass. (“Did she?” Ward asks, looking super suspicious. “Do you think he would tell if she did?” Patton Oswalt replies.)

It’s a silly TV trope, but it’s a fun couple of minutes to hear tidbits of information from this cast we’ve come to know. Triplett is the grandson of one of the Howling Commandos, that’s awesome. Fitz says the mysterious box on the deserted island would have Simmons in it (Simmons’ box would have the TARDIS). May is only there for Coulson. Then, there’s the bit with Patton Oswalt’s character threatening Ward with a gun because his lie-telling apparently sucks when it comes to testing technology.

Instead of being able to fake his way through by saying yes, he’s with HYDRA but they all are now, he focuses his answers on Skye. He’s there because of her, which is indeed true, but there’s a lot of things he’s not mentioning, so lying by omission… wouldn’t the fancy machine have that in its repertoire? Of course we don’t see what Koenig sees on the screen, so he could know Ward is HYDRA and just “lets him off the hook” for now. In the end, it doesn’t matter.

Coulson, Triplett, and FitzSimmons head to Portland to save the Cellist. May takes off because she thinks Coulson will never trust her again. That leaves Ward, Koenig, and Skye in the base. Ward kills Koenig, leaving just him and Skye. We get some steamy moments between them until Skye discovers blood behind his ear. When Ward goes to “clean up,” Skye tracks down Koenig and finds him dead. Now she knows Ward is HYDRA, but does he know she knows?

The big baddie of the episode–Blackout–seems, well, kind of lame. He doesn’t do much except scare people by turning out the lights (except for that guy whose car he stole. Definitely pumped him full of electricity and killed him). All of his scenes involve streetlights going out and him staggering forward in the darkness.

Amy Acker gets to play the infamous Cellist, but honestly, there wasn’t much to her role. Her lines are very cliche and full of heartbreak because she’s still attempting to get over Coulson’s death. Coulson doesn’t want to hurt her again nor does he want to interrupt her healing. It was a bit of a sweet moment when Blackout was destroyed and Coulson went over to make sure Audrey was okay, telling her he was still there before leaving. Who among us who has lost a loved one and dreamed of them because it’s the only way you can see them anymore?

Maybe a cliche moment, but still a little touching.

Best One-Liner: “Who created this technology?”
“…Bruce Banner.” Oh, the fun awkward pause afterward and Coulson’s sarcastic follow-up.

Bonus points for Simmons’ answer of “The TARDIS” in the mystery box on the deserted island. I’m not even a Doctor Who fan and I cracked up at that. It totally fits her.

Badass Moment Of The Week: I honestly can’t remember any, so I’ll go with “silliest moment” instead and that would be when Coulson and Triplett are trying to not cross the streams to capture Slimer… no wait, I’m getting things mixed up…

Maybe it was the fact that I watched a lot of intense NHL playoff hockey last night (flipping between three different games will do that, especially when Montreal swept Tampa Bay by scoring with 45 seconds left), but this episode didn’t seem to have a lot going for it. Almost as if it’s a filler and everything will ramp back up next week. That’s not always a bad thing.

There was much romantic tension this week, especially with the love triangle of Fitz/Simmons/Triplett. I adore jealous!Fitz far too much. When Simmons asked him what was going on at the very end and he couldn’t bring himself to tell her the truth, it broke my heart a little.

Kudos to Chloe Bennet. Skye has been such a better character in these last six to eight episodes, and she’s knocking it out of the park. Skye’s using the romantic interest to play Ward, which keeps things up in the air at the end of the episode as she continues to piece everything together. It will be interesting to see the dynamic between these two before the secret comes out.

At the end of the episode, we have May being picked up by her mother, who has connections to “Maria” since everything is underground now. I can only guess that would be Maria Hill since Cobie Smulders shows up next week.

Also, a fun throwback to Captain America: The Winter Soldier in the interrogation by Koenig. He asks if any of them knew Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford’s character) or knew anything about Project Insight. Only May said she had met him once and shook his hand.

With two episodes left in this season and the team spread out all over the world, it’s interesting to see how they’ll tie it all back together.