Amazing Spider-Man 3 to be set in London?



The moment that Spider-Man/Peter Parker told Gwen Stacy that he’d move with her to England I knew that the movie wouldn’t end well (particularly for Gwen Stacy) because I assumed that there was no way at all that Sony would relocate Spider-Man to England. Are there even any English comic book villains (answers on a post-card please guys).

However the latest Spider-Man article from the Metro seems to hint that the Web-Slinger could be slinging his hook out of New York and webbing his way to Good ol’ Blighty (England, for all you folks who have no idea what I just said). The Metro are saying that Webb did an interview with Yahoo! Movies and hinted at a scene change for everyone’s favourite neighbourhood Spider-Man.

Apparently when asked if Spider-Man would be coming to the UK, or more specifically London, Webb replied “We have Sinister Six, Venom and a Spider-Man movie in the works’ he said, ‘I can pretty much promise you one of them is coming [to London].” You see that he pretty much promises, which means it has to happen.

If you want my guess I reckon Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker will visit England in memory of Gwen Stacy who was literally just about to get on a plane and go there before Spider-Man pulled a Bat-Man and did a ridiculously sized piece of super-graffiti and made her stop. He’ll then end up back in New York saving the day as usual. Otherwise a whole Spidey film in England would make little to no sense at all!

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