Marc Webb unsure about Mary Jane for Amazing Spider-Man 3


Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson

Shailene Woodley has recently rose to stardom thanks to Divergent, however her future in the Spider-Man franchise still remains unknown, even though It’s highly unlikely that we’ll see the actress as Mary Jane in Amazing Spider-Man 3. But the question of the day is will we be seeing Spider-Man’s most iconic love interest at all in the franchise following the decision to cut her scenes in Amazing Spider-Man 2?

In a recent interview with Desde Hollywood   Webb is asked about Mary Jane and how central she will be in the next Spider-Man film. However it appeared to be that Webb didn’t have a concrete answer “We’ll see. It is still to early. We need to finish the second movie and then we will figure it out.”

So with Shailene not knowing where she stands as Mary Jane, and Webb seemingly not knowing either we have no answers about whether or not we’ll see Mary Jane at all, who will be playing her, and how big her role will be in the next movie. Personally I’d be very interested in Amazing Spider-Man 3 teasing Mary Jane but not bringing her to the forefront of the storyline, I think it’d be refreshing to have a superhero movie without a love interest, instead the movie can be about Peter Parker overcoming his guilt that Gwen died.

This uncertainty seems to be a running theme at the moment for Webb and company as he was recently asked if J Jonah Jameson would feature in Amazing Spider-Man 3 and everyone was given a less than concrete answer for that as well. I’d say it’s certainly very likely that with the Spider-Man universe expanding we’ll be seeing both popular Spider-Man characters at some point!

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