Marc Webb not worried about Amazing Spider-Man 3 losing writers


Spider-Man writing duo have split up

So far the Amazing Spider-Man series has predominantly been screen-written by writing pair Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. However Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be their last movie writing together as the writing pair have recently announced that they will be parting ways.

Naturally this has left many people to worry about the script for Amazing Spider-Man 3 as the first two films have obviously been building towards a big story-line and many feel that will now get lost as new writers work on the third film. However director Marc Webb whose last film will be Amazing Spider-Man 3 has rushed to alleviate everyone’s fears.

“I don’t think it’ll affect ‘[Amazing] Spider-Man 3.’ I think that’s a very protected storyline. I love those guys, and they’re going to be great, they’ll always be our partners.” said Webb who has nothing but kind words to say of the Blockbuster writing pair who have previously collaborated on the new Star Trek films, the first two Transformers films and Cowboys and Aliens.

Personally as long as whoever remains on the writing staff has an idea as  to where the first two Amazing Spider-Man movies are going I don’t see a problem and it shouldn’t affect the movie at all. I also wish Orci and Kurtzman all the best in the future, I believe that Orci wants to direct the third ‘Star Trek’ film and Kurtzman is working on the standalone ‘Venom’ film, which has favourites for its lead roles already. 

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